Saturday, November 30, 2019

Let's Get Christmas Started

Hello and Welcome
My little ones are anxiously waiting to get started with Christmas so here we go.
So fun to see the excitement in their eyes.

Simple Christmas wreath using a paper plate.  
Simply glued green squares around edges and added the handprints and some pom-poms.

Santa Banner
Simple, fun Santa banner to hang.
Link for how-to's for Santa here:

Santa Puppet

Here is the link to print and make the puppets.  We added some cotton as details.

Stick Christmas Trees
Cut paper into tree shape, accordion fold and punch holes in center to thread stick through.
We glued on coloured circles to look like the lights.

Santa Advent Countdown Clock
This was very fun.  Not only do the kids get to visually see the numbers but they get to count down to the big day!  I printed out the pattern and glued it onto some cardboard for stability as I know it's going to get a lot of use.
Here is the pattern I used:

That's it for this week but there will be lots more to come.
Enjoy and thanks so much for stopping by.

Monday, November 25, 2019

On the Farm

Well, we have finished another crafty week learning about the Farm and all that the animals provide for us.  We did also talk about all the things that grow on the farm.  It is a good theme that kids can relate to.
So here's what we did this week.

Paper Plate Pig
Here is the fun pig we made using a paper plate as the base.

Silly Cows
We created these simple silly cows using a paper cone as the base.

Rocking Chicken
We created a rocking chicken that pecks at the ground eating the corn.
Fold a paper plate in half and add the simple details.

This is one of the activity/sorting games we worked on.  

Little Red Barn
We coloured the barn and glued on all the farm animals.
I just found these online to print.

Horses in the stable.
Just a simple paper craft.  I just cut the pieces and we glued them together.

Finally, of course, lots of colouring....they love to colour.

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Let's Remember and Pets

The weeks are just flying by as we get closer to Christmas. 
The stores are filled with holiday cheer and my little ones are starting to anticipate the big day.....well not quite yet!

First, this week we remembered the people that helped our Country be free.
We called them the Hero Helpers.  
Since my little ones are so young and don't really understand the concept of war, that's the way I like to approach it.  They will get to know the horrors of the war soon enough, but for now I like to focus on the positive and how lucky we are to live in a free country.

Paper plate Remembrance Day wreaths.
Using a small paper plate, we glued on some red poppies that I cut from red paper.
They liked gluing on the black circles...good fine motor too.

So now onto our pets....

Learning Sizes Cats
This fun activity is really simple to do.  Just a bit of paper folding.
here's the link;

Puppy Puppet
The kids loved making and playing with these cute little puppets.
Again, simple to create.  
Here's the link:

Paper Mouse
Here is a cute paper mouse we made.  He can sit or lay down.  
It is just a piece of paper folded into 3rds. and glued together 
I cut out the ears and tail, we added some google eyes and a pom-pom nose.

Fish Bowl
I cut out a fish bowl shape and the kids glued on some fish that they coloured.

Here is a pet gluing activity we did.
Here is the link:

And last but not least, some colouring.
Who doesn't love a green cat!?

Well thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

As the Weather Changes

I certainly don't feel ready for the weather to change this much.
We have snow on the ground.  My little ones were so excited with the change and were anxious to get out and play in it so that's what we did.  
I think I need to get a new outlook about snow like they have lol.

We have been watching the geese fly south so that's how we started our creative week.
Then, we went on to talk about animals that were nocturnal.

Simple bird craft using a spoon as the head and tail.
Simply cut out the bird shape (shown here in the black), cut a small slit in the base and slide in the spoon.  These also make good birds for creating a mobile.
We glued on some circles and squares as those are shapes we are working on.

Here are some super easy little owls we made using part of a paper towel roll.
Just bend and tuck the top down to create the ears of the owl.
We talked about what owls liked to eat, how they hunted in the night and there was a lot of hooting going on in the house that day.

Little foxes.
Again, using part of a paper towel roll covered with some brownish paper.  We added the features and a pom-pom nose.  The kids did a little puppet show with them...gotta love when the creative carries over to some dramatic play too.

Sleeping Foxes
This cute template is so easy.  Just print it out and let the kids colour.  To extend this activity, you could create a little den for the fox to sleep in.  
We also talked about how they are nocturnal and sleep in the day, hunt in the night.
here's the link:

Cute hedgie.
Finally, we created a cute little hedgehog.  
Here are the instructions:

Well that's it for this week.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Happy Halloween

Well Halloween is over now and wow....did my little ones ever love it!  
They were so excited as all the fun and festivities were getting ready.  I had our space all decorated and we had a party on Thursday morning.  
We played lots of fun games like Bowling in the Dark, Feed the Monster, Witch Hat Ring Toss and Scoop the Eyeballs.  They really didn't want it to end.  
Anyways, onto the crafts we created last week.

Moving spider.
I cut a slit in a paper plate and drew on a spider web.  The kids created paper spiders that would move when place inside the plate.  

Bouncing Spider made with a black paper bowl from the Dollar Store.  Decorated with coloured tapes and glued on some paper legs. 

Envelope Mummies Puppets
Super easy to make using an envelope cut at the bottom.  Glue on some strips of tissue and leave a little space for the eyes.  

Bats to Carry.
My kids love to carry things around so we made these bats using a paper towel tube.  I cut it at the top and covered it with black paper.  The kids coloured and added the features.  They were a hit!

And of course, we had some Halloween food for our party too.
Mummy- made with a wiener wrapped in dough from the grocery store.  

The kids made spiders using 2 crackers spread with peanut butter, some pretzel sticks and Cheerios for the eyes.  They thought they were yummy.

Well that's all for now.
Thanks so much for coming by.