Sunday, October 25, 2020

Bring on Halloween

Hello and Welcome
As Halloween gets closer my little ones get more excited!
They love to create and we spent a very busy week doing lots of fun projects and making decorations.

So here is what we created this week.

Change the Face Pumpkins
These pumpkins were super fun to create.  
We started with an orange paper plate as the front then I cut spaces for the eyes and the mouth.
The back paper plate is where you add the details and when you turn the back plate, the face of the pumpkin goes from happy to scary.
Here is the link:

Scary Skeletons
These skeletons are a simple print off.  The kids coloured them and then we cut them to make a scary lantern.
Here is the printout:

Spider Hats
These simple spider hats were easy to do and the kids looked so cute wearing them all day.

Spider Mobile
Here is a super easy spider mobile we made. 
This spider was double sided which worked great for the mobile.

Moving Eyes Mummy
This was so super fun to create.  We made a little video to show you their spooky eyes.
Using a green paper plate, I cut out the eye area, then we glued on torn paper pieces on white paper over the plate.  I glued on 2 strips onto the back to the plate to attach the eyes and when the kids pulled the strip, the eyes moved.  
Here is the link for this one.

Haunted House
What would Halloween be without a Haunted House!
This was a fun one to do.  The windows and doors are glued on after and when open, they reveal some Halloween characters.  
For the littlest ones, you could turn it into a game.  Find the cat, where are the bats etc.

Cutting Practice
I drew and cut out ghost shapes.  I drew lines onto the ghost and the older kids cut the along the lines to create a fun ghost that waved in the air.  We did decorate them too!

Just a silly Halloween cat we used to colour that I drew.

This is a cut printout to colour and assemble to make a standing witch.
Here is the printout:

Halloween Banner
I drew some banners for the kids to colour.  


We made these fun spider snacks.
We took 2 round crackers.  The kids spread peanut butter on one then we added the 8 legs.  
Pop on the top and add the eyes with some more sticky pb.
This was a great fine motor activity as most are not used to spreading with a knife.  We also counted the spider legs and learned that they have 8 legs.

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.
More Halloween to come next week!!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Halloween is Coming

My little people are getting so excited knowing that Halloween is right around the corner.
Unfortunately, this year will be a lot different for the kids as many are not going out to trick or treat with the virus still being so active and so very contagious.
It makes me feel so sad for them as they wait all year for the big day to arrive.  We love welcoming kids to our Halloween display that fills our porch but we have decided to forgo it for this year as we have tried so hard to be safe in all aspects of our life.
I will have a Halloween party for my little kiddos which is always such a fun time.  

Anyways, here is what we did this week.

Halloween Wall Hanging
Just a fun and simple wall hanging.

The Witch's Cat
We made these adorable cat puppets.  
here is the pattern to print:

3D Owl
Here is a cute owl I printed and we added a stick to create a puppet.

Flying Bat
Here is a simple flying bat made using a paper plate.

Leaf Rubbings
On our walk we found one of the biggest maple leaves I have ever seen!!
I was as big as a large dinner plate so we just had to make a rubbing with it.

Lots of Colouring
I just draw shapes for them to colour and decorate.

We went on an awesome neighbourhood Scavenger Hunt.
Such a fun activity...we had such a fun time.

here is the link to print:

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving- Gobble, Gobble

 Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian friends and family.

This week we had such fun creating lots of turkeys for our holiday celebrations.
So fun and happy they can share with their families.

So here is what we did this week.

Turkey Wreath
Who doesn't need a turkey wreath to welcome Autumn and Thanksgiving.
Simply made using a paper plate and some cut out shapes.

Turkey Sitter
Here is a fun turkey we made by stuffing a paper lunch bag with newspaper and adding all the turkey details.
This is the song we learned.  The kids love it!

Turkey Puppets
Simple turkey puppets to use with our song (above).

Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream Game
So fun and simple.  I printed out the pieces and we glued the numbers to a paper plate.  
They counted and added the pieces.  A big hit with the kiddos.
Here is the link to the printout:

Turkey Pie Boxes
We made these fun boxes but instead of adding pie as it was too messy, we added some snack crackers.
Here is the link to the printable:

Colouring Turkeys
I drew some turkeys for them to colour but you could just print them out.

More colouring

Baby Pumpkins
These little pumpkins are made using this punch.  So cute and the perfect size for little hands.

....and finally....
What do you do on a rainy day when you have to stay inside.
Well, you make some Cheerio necklaces!!

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Yummy Apples


Last week we worked on a fun apple theme.
Some of my kiddos have been apple picking, so it was great chance to work on this theme for Fall.

We talked about all the different colours of apples, how they taste and we saw the star that is hidden in the middle of the apple.  The kids love that!!  If you cut the apple in the middle, you can see it too.

So here's what we did last week.

Worm in the Apple
I cut an apple shape from a paper plate then we glued on some red tissue paper squares (great fine motor activity).  Using the holes I had cut in the paper plate I used them for the worm.  Fold the cut away circles in half and glue together over a piece of string.  The kids can sew the worm through the holes.

'A' is for Apple
I simply cut out an apple shape and the kids coloured them.  We glued 3 of them together and glued them onto a piece of white paper.  We added the white center of the apple and gave it some seeds in a star shape.

Happy Apples 
This was a cut print out I found.  Colour, cut and put together to make a 3D bowl.
Here is the link:

 Paper Apple 
Just a simple, fun little apple.
Here is a printout:

Way up High in the Apple Tree
Here is a fun apple tree we made while learning our song.  
Here it is:
Way up high in the apple tree,
Two little apples looked at me.
I shook the tree as hard as I could,
Down fell the apples, mmmm they tasted good.

And finally a few other things we did too...busy hands are happy hands.

some cutting practice

Stringing....great fine motor.
If you don't have any beads, try using some pasta with holes in it or some Cheerios.

Colouring leaves of course.

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.