Tuesday, May 16, 2023

All About MOM!

 Good Morning
Last week we celebrated our Moms with lots of creating.

The kids get so excited when making anything for their parents. This is such a new thing for my littlest ones as they are just learning to craft and they love it.

So, here's what we did last week.

Mother's Day Bouquet
We made these sweet bouquets for our Moms and added the poem on the back.

Flower Holder
I glued these flower holders together and the kids decorated them.
On the inside there is a plastic bottle so it can hold real flowers and water but could also be used for pencils etc.

I used some low tack tape to mask off the letters and the kids scribbled all over the paper.
I removed the tape to reveal the 'MOM' and the kids decorated with some flowers.
Great activity for the very young who are learning how to hold a pencil/crayon.

Mother's Day Card

Well off for another busy, crafty filled week.
Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look!!

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Farm Life

We did a fun theme last week and learned about Farm Life.
The kids loved creating with farm animals which they all recognize.
We also learned about things they give us...chickens give us eggs, cows give us milk etc.

So, here's what we did.

We used a paper plate to create our chickens.

I glued these horse shapes onto some cardboard and we used clothespins for the legs so the kids could make them gallop.

In the Barn

Animal Match

Wobble Pigs
We uses paper cups to make our pigs.  I added a paper spring inside so when you pushed down the head, they wobble.

We did some gluing on a pig outline- good fine motor picking up the paper pieces to glue on, then made a pig mask to go with it.

Farm Book

I printed out this lion shape and glued it onto some cardboard.  I punched holes around the outside and then the kids picked dandelions to push into the holes.  They loved it!

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Busy Hands and Lots of Learning

Well the title of this post says it all....so many busy days.
Glad to say that the weather is getting really nice here now and we can enjoy lots of outside time.
We've been celebrating all the Spring brings to us...the birds, learning the names of Spring flowers, Earth Day and lots of number learning.

So, here's what we've been up to.

These cute little ducklings were created using circles made from paper.

Bird Feeders

Bird Nest
We have been practicing how to draw circles and making a bird's nest was perfect for that.

We used some tissue paper to create our flowers.  Good practice crunching up the tissue paper to glue onto the larger pieces.

Tulip Wreath
We glued tulips onto a paper plate to create our wreaths for Spring.

We used a cupcake liner as the middle of our daffodils.

Celebrating Earth Day

Colouring by number for my older kids.


Number Lines
I simple cut out the numbers and the kids glued on the right number of dots.

Number Banner

Pizza Number Game
Simply used a paper plate as the base and the kids glued the right number of pepperonis onto the pieces.

Flower Clocks
We used a paper plate as the base and glued the petals onto that.

Hedgehog Number Match
I printed off the hedgehog for the kids to colour, then we used these little cups I found at the Dollar Store to match up the numbers.

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.