Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Happy Valentine/ Friendship Day


Last week we had such wonderful fun creating, sharing and letting our friends and family know how much we care.  
My littlest ones learned the shape 'heart' and the colour 'red'.
Lots happening with fun learning too.

So here's what we did last week.

Valentine Cards
We created these cute, fun cards for the Moms and Dads.

Valentine Holder
We needed something to hold all the Valentines we shared with each other so this is what we made.
I folded 2 paper plates and stapled them together, then the kids decorated them.

Valentine Hats
Simple hats made using a paper plate.

Valentine Windsock
Super simple windsock made with red paper and decorated with hearts and streamer.

Heart Puppet

More Valentine Cards


Heart Cinnamon Buns

Love Bugs

Jello Hearts

Heart Grilled Cheese

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Hearts and More Hearts


So happy you could pop in to see what we were up to last week.
So fun to watch and see all the kids are learning.
As we prepared for Valentine's Day, great time to learn about hearts.

So here's what we did last week.

Heart Gluing
Since my littlest ones love to glue, I drew a heart and let them pick out hearts to glue onto a larger one.  
Great time to learn colours as well.

They don't look red but the outside edges were red.  I stuck on some contact paper which is sticky, then the kids put hearts onto the sticky part.

Heart Wreath
This was a printable to make this pretty wreath.

Heart Puppies
The kids liked making these cute little puppies using all heart shapes.

Heart Banner
Here is a super simple banner we made.  Just strips of paper, decorated and overlapped together.

Thanks again so much for coming by and taking a look.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Favourite Characters

So glad you could drop in to see what we were up to last week.

Taking a break from our 'winter theme' as the kids wanted to do some crafts showing their favourite characters they love.

So here's what we did last week.

Cookie Monster
I had some black paper plates on hand so I folded it in half and we glued the blue construction paper on the top half.  I covered the tubes with some blue and the kids glued on the eyes.
The cookies were a lesson on learning colours as they glued them all on.

Peppa Pig
The kids love watching this fun little show on TV about Peppa and her brother George.
I printed them out, we decorated them and had a puppet show.

A new to the kids show they are loving.
We decided to make a simple little match game making learning fun!

February 2nd was Groundhog Day.
Here were we live, the groundhog predicted an early Spring (fingers crossed although I am skeptical about that prediction lol).  
I printed off this cute little guy and after we coloured and decorated him, we glued him to a paper bag we had stuffed with newspaper.  I think the kids had more fun crunching up the newspaper then anything!!  We did a shadow show using fun.

Paw Patrol
One of the most popular kids shows going.
I simply printed off pictures of the characters and we glued them onto a banner.
Great fine motor practice for my littlest ones, picking up the little pieces and gluing them on.

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.
Off to prep for our Valentine creates!

Tuesday, February 1, 2022



We are leaning about Penguins this week.  
A fun theme as even my smallest little one recognizes them.  

So here's what we did last week.

Penguin Hats
This is the simple penguin hat we made.  I think they turned out so cute!

Spoon Penguins
We used some plastic spoons for the penguins body.

Penguin Fridge Magnets
I covered an old CD with black paper and the kids decorated them.  
I added a big magnet on the back so they could stick them on their fridge.

Envelope Puppets
One of the easiest ways for little ones to use a puppet is to start with an envelope.
We decorated them and had a puppet show.

Penguin Wreaths
These cute little penguin wreaths started with a black paper plate I got at the Dollar Tree.

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.