Sunday, November 29, 2020


 Hello and Welcome.
Gingerbread...what a fun theme to work on as the kids get more excited for Christmas.

So here's what we created this week.

Gingerbread Houses
I found this adorable idea on Pinterest and just had to make it with the kids.  
It is so super simple but turned out great. 
here is the link:

Baking Gingerbread
I printed off some paper gingerbread men, the kids coloured them and we glued them onto a piece of cardboard covered with Aluminum Foil.
They played with them for hours!

Gingerbread Garland
A simple garland made with some colouring gingerbread men.

Gingerbread Men
I bought these simple little men at the Dollar Store.  
We decorated them with some fun sequins.

Colouring of course.

Finally, we made a fun little snack.
It was a simple one and they loved it.
I took a graham wafer cracker and cut the top to look like the roof.
We added some candies, marshmallows and a few raisins to decorate.
You should have seen their faces when they were done and I said...
'Ok, now go ahead and eat them!'

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Nocturnal Animals

 Hello and Welcome.

This week we had such fun learning about animals that are Nocturnal.
My kids already knew what some of them were, but it was fun to learn more about them.  I think their favourite was watching the video of the bat cave that I found on YouTube.

Anyways, here was we did this week.

Bat Cave
Here is the bat cave we created.  We decorated a box then added the bats inside.
Since we are also working on number recognition, we added some numbers on the front of our bats.
It was fun to learn how the bats fold their wings over them to keep warm.

Feed the Raccoon
A big hit with my kiddos.
I printed off a picture of a raccoon and cut out the mouth.  We attached that to a box on the back.
We decorated the fish and they could feed them to the raccoon.
Below is a picture of how I attached the photo to the box.

We made this adorable little fox puppet.  
We glued a popsicle stick to the bottom so he could walk.

Stinky Skunk
A simple skunk.  They did some joining up the dots at the bottom.
'PU' was our word of the day.

Here is a cute printable I found.
The kids coloured it then practiced their cutting skills.
here is the printable:

Nocturnal Animals Book

How about a rainbow Raccoon to finish off the week! 

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Migration and Remembrance Day


How does a Pumpkin Grow?
We made a spinner to learn how the pumpkin goes from seed to fully grown.
I found the print outs online.
Below is a video of the spinner in action.

Migrating Geese
Since I live near a Conservation Area, we are seeing a lot of geese flying overhead.  
We made this mobile to show the geese flying.
here is the printout I used:

Remembrance Day
We made these lovely poppy pictures to remember all those who helped make our country so great.

Colouring Sheet 
We made it into a banner.

Poppies to wear too.

Flying Geese
We made these simple flying geese using a paper plate. 
I added string and a stick for flying.

Since we were talking about migration this week and why the birds migrate, it was a good time for some hands on learning.
So I filled a dish with some water and we dropped in some Cheerios.  I asked the kids to pick a cheerio out of the water....that was what it is like for the birds to get food in the summer.
Then we put the dish with the cereal into the freezer and when it was frozen, kids tried to pick out the cereal and couldn't as it was frozen under the ice.  That was the winter and why the birds fly south where it is warm and they can still get their food.
This was an awesome activity and they all had a better understanding of why instead of me just telling them.  Some of them even went home and wanted to try the experiment again.

Well thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Scarecrows, Corn and More


Hello and Welcome
It's the week after Halloween and our Fall has been unusually warm this past week with temperatures breaking long standing records.  It made it so nice to be outside with the kids enjoying the sunshine before it all passes and the cold winter sets in.
We are still celebrating the Fall theme with some fun activities.
Here's what we did this week.

We used a paper plate to create our fun scarecrow.  We added the song we learned on the back.

Simple cone shaped crows of course for the scarecrow to frighten away.

We talked about why the farmers has scarecrows in their fields and made this fun corn.
Using an ink pad (you could use a shallow dish of paint) we pressed the large Lego block onto the pad and stamped  onto our corn.

I covered a paper towel roll with brown paper and folded down the top to create the squirrel's ears.
The kids decorated them using some dark brown paper.  
We learned this song:
Brown Squirrel, brown Squirrel,
Swish your bushy tail.
Brown Squirrel, brown squirrel,
Swish your bushy tail.
Hold a peanut in your paws, wrinkle up your little nose.
Brown squirrel, brown squirrel,
Swish your bushy tail.

Scarecrow Puzzle
My kids love puzzles, so I printed this one out, glued it onto some heavy cardboard for stability,
then the kids coloured it and we cut it into a puzzle.

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Happy Halloween

Hello and Welcome!

 We just had a fantastic week of celebrating and creating for Halloween.  
The kids were so excited and I was excited to be sharing it all with them.

So here's what we did last week.

Flying Bat
Simple flying bat craft.
We made a little video to show how it could fly.
here is the link to print out the plate pattern:

Here is a simple witch we made using a green cup from the Dollar Store.
We decorated it then I poked a hole where the nose would be and we added a battery tea light inside that poked through the hole.  So cute!

Magnet Fly
We created a video to show you how the fly stayed away from being eaten by the spider.
Some of the kids expanded this activity to include finding all the things that the magnet would stick to.
I printed out the fly and spider here.

Spookly the Square Pumpkin
The kids have watched Spookly on Netflix.  Cute and fun for this young age group and great lesson on how being different is OK.
They liked playing with their puppets.

Halloween Box
We created a Halloween box to collect all our goodies in.

Pumpkin decorating

Cutting practice witch found here.

....some colouring too

Our Party

Our Halloween party was a huge success!!
So fun and the kids looked so cute.
Here are some of the fun things we did at our party.

Feed the Witch

Get that Spider
(great fine motor activity)

Pumpkin Ring Toss

Don't Drop the Eyeball
The kids had to carry the eyeball on the skeleton hand around the spider web I made using tape on the floor and step into all the rings as they went along.

Spider Toss
I covered a hoola hoop with masking tape (sticky side facing out) and we threw pom pom spiders into the web to see how many would stick.

Bowling in the Dark
One of the yearly favourites!
Placed a glow stick into a water bottle and used a cat toy that had a mouse inside as our bowling ball.

I also set up a Feel Me and Guess box.  (sorry no picture)
Simple cut 2 hand holes in the bottom of a box.
The kids sit in front, put their hands through the holes and have to guess the object by feeling it.
We are going to do this one again at Christmas using themed items.
Finally we did a Photo many giggles for that one!!

Our Party Food

Melted Cheese Mummies

Ghosts  (white chocolate covered pretzels)

....and of course we just had to make some more of these fun spiders!!

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.