Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Yeah for Summer!

Last week we cheered for summer's arrival.
Such a great time of year to enjoy being outside with so much to do.
With that said, we haven't been creating quite as much, but explored the great outdoors.

So here's what we did last week.

Watering Can
I let the kids decorate a long strip of paper using some coloured tapes I get at the Dollar Store.  
We added the details and pretended to water the garden.

This shows the tray I put the tapes on.  
Great fine motor for the kids having to take the tape off the tray.

Spoon Flowers
I cut out the flowers and we used a spoon for the flower fun!

Summer Banner

Ice Cream Cones
Fun printable to colour and set up an ice cream shop.

Well that's all for this week.

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

All About Dads!

Last week we celebrated Father's Day by making lots of crafts for DAD.
The kids were so excited to create, wrap and gift them to their dads.  

So here's what we did last week.

Eggcellent Dad
I created a print out and the kids put together a fun foam egg to glue onto it.

Fridge Magnets
We glued some folded paper to an old CD.  The kids coloured the 'Super Dad' and we glued it to the center.

You're My Super Hero DAD Suncatchers

Toad-ally Best Dad Card

Letter Holder
I glued clothespins I got at the Dollar Tree together to make these desk letter holders.
The kids coloured them and we glued some coloured squares on as well.

Gift Bag
I made these gift bag and we wrapped up all the goodies to give to Dad.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Stomp, Stomp, Stomp- Dinosaurs

We had a busy week last week learning about dinosaurs....always a most welcome theme with the kids. 
We learned some dinosaur names, that some are carnivores if they have sharp teeth and some are herbivores with more rounded teeth.  
Learning and creating work so well together.

So here's what we did last week. 

Paper Tube Dinosaurs
Simply made by covering a tube with green paper.  I let the kids colour them and we glued on some black spots.

Rockin Dinosaur

Flying Pterodactyl
Again, we covered a tube with yellow paper and added the features.

Dinosaur Printable

I cut out the outline and put it onto a piece of contact paper.  The kids added tissue paper squares and we added another piece of contact paper on the top to make our suncatchers.

Dinosaur Masks

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Let's Visit the Zoo

Last week was fun creating some of the animals we would see at the Zoo.
Some of my kiddos have been to the zoo, so they were excited about creating the animals they saw there.  

So here's what we did last week.

One of the kids favourites.

Monkey Masks
These were fun to make and then have a monkey show.

Baby Tiger
Isn't he cute and so simple to make.  I cut the pieces and the kids colours and glued him together.

Who doesn't love a purple elephant.  One of the fav colours so we went with it.

Paper Plate Hippo
We used 2 paper for the face and one folded for the mouth.

The Zoo
I printed off the fronts and backs for our little zoo animals.  The kids coloured them and we glued them onto an old paper towel roll so they would stand up.

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.