Monday, February 24, 2020

Books and Cartoon Characters

Hello and Welcome.
This week we had fun re-creating some of our favorite book and cartoon characters.
My kiddos were so excited about this theme and had such fun with it!
So here's what we did this week.

One of the kids most favourite book to read is the one called
'There was an Old Lady That Swallowed a Fly'.
For those of you that don't know this story or song, it is about an old lady who first swallows the fly then proceeds to swallow more things to get the fly.  It is a super fun book to read so this is how we re-created it.
I printed out an old lady, then attached a bag on the back so the kids could feed the old lady all the things from the book.  
Super fun!

Max and Ruby envelope puppets.
A favourite show to watch.

Humpty Dumpty

Minnie Mouse puppets.
We had fun with these.

Well that's all, it was a short week for us here as we had Monday off for Family Day.
Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, or as my little ones call it, Heart Day, is such a great opportunity to show our friends and family how much we love and care about them.
They were so excited to exchange Valentine cards and also to create special ones for their Moms and Dads.  Nothing better then to create and share!

So, here is what we did this week!

Our little Valentine trees were so cute.  I made a cone shape with some paper and the kids glued rows of different coloured hearts onto it.
It was good practice picking out specific colours to create the different rows.  I glued a paper tube under the cone to make it a cute tree.

Valentine hedgies….so cute and fun reinforcing the 'hearts' shape.

Friends.....the best.
I folded some pink construction paper to create this adorable little puppets.
here is the link:

Another simple Valentine.
The kids coloured a large circle and we glued the cut out I did over the top.
here is the link:

Here is a hot air balloon card we made for our Moms and Dads.

Another fancy Valentine.

Our Valentine Bag holders were made by gluing 2 circles together and rounding off the edges.

We also made some fun snacks:
 A graham cracker with p butter and decorated with strawberries and a blueberry smile.
The kids loved them!

I made some bite sized frozen yogurt hearts using a small heart mold.

...and of course. so much colouring, gluing and learning to cut out hearts.
They did a great job!

Thanks so very much for stopping in!!

Sunday, February 9, 2020


This week we learned about and created with hearts.
Monday was an exception though, since we learned abut groundhogs and their shadows.
Here is what we did.

Here are the groundhog we made.
I cut a paper plate almost in half but left a rounded shape in the middle.
I folded that upwards and we glued on our cute little groundhog bodies and gave them a face.
We talked about seeing shadows......
then, we turned off the lights and shone a flashlight on our groundhogs to see the shadows they made.  So Fun!

We also practiced our 'g's.

 I masked the paper with some letters held on with repositionable glue, then we scribbled over the whole sheet with crayons then pulled off the masking paper to reveal the word LOVE.
We added some heart too.

 These little heart shaped mice were so fun to make.
By bending the heads of our mice, they became 3-D.

 Our heart garlands were made with strips of paper, coloured on of course, then folded, stapled together then hole punched so they could be strung up as a garland.

Heart monkey...simple using heart shaped.

These are some of the worksheets we did this week.

They are getting excited for Valentine's day and are looking forward to making lots of heart cards....should be fun!!

Thanks so much for taking a look.

Saturday, February 1, 2020


Hello and thanks so much for stopping in.
Another fun week learning and creating with our Penguin theme.
There is always such a fascination about this interesting bird.  We learned how to 'penguin walk', what they eat, how they can't fly but are excellent swimmers and did you know that they cannot taste?  I even learned some things about them that I didn't know.

So here is what we did this week.

Spoon Penguins.
These are so fun and easy just using a white plastic spoon.  I used construction paper but you could also use some fun foam.  

Penguin Wreaths
Aren't these cute.  We created a penguin wreath using a paper plate as the base. We added some details and glued on the dots; great for fine motor.

Penguin Match Game
Always great to have a little match game for the kids to play at home with their families.
I found these free printables and used them for our game.

Penguin hats made from construction paper.  
Great to wear as we walked around the house like penguins.

Penguins on the ice...colouring and glueing.

...and of course, lots of penguin colouring.

So glad you could come and take a look.