Sunday, December 27, 2020

Merry Christmas and all our Gift Makes

 Welcome and Merry Christmas!!

What a wonderful time we had creating for the Mom's and Dad's.  The kids were so exciting about the making and the giving which makes me so happy. 
So now that Christmas is over and the gifts are all opened, I can show you what a fantastic job they did.

Patchwork Reindeer
I bought some wooden reindeer at the Dollar Tree, then the kids glued on some pieces of tissue paper.
I covered them with a clear coat of acrylic gel and sprayed with sparkle spray.  
So cute when finished.

Puzzle Wreath
Here are the wreaths we made with old puzzle pieces.  We glued them onto a circle of cardboard, then I sprayed them with green paint and we added the little wooden embellishments and pom-poms.

Sleigh Ride
These ornament were so cute and fun to make.
I glued craft sticks together to make the sleigh then the kids laid on the floor for me to take their picture.
They coloured the sleighs then we glued on their picture and decorated.

Star Ornament
We made these with clothespins and a little wooden ornament in the center.

Santa Ornament
This was a fun, great fine motor craft.  I bought the plastic balls at the Dollar store and we filled them with red pom-poms and shredded paper.  

Pasta Wreath card

Christmas Elf Card
We used some leftover Christmas straws for the legs.

I took the kids picture, traced their hands then we made them into Rudolph.
You should have just heard the giggles.

All Wrapped Up
I made some simple bags from large pieces of paper and we wrapped all the gifts above with tissue paper and added them into the bag.

Party Time

Here are some of the things we did at our party.
So much fun playing games and making.

We used a bell to make a Rudolph necklace.

Binoculars to look for Santa.

Christmas Hats

Bead Ornaments

party games........

Candy Cane Fishing

Feeling Christmas Box

Jingle Bell Toss

Rudolph Reindeer Ring Toss

Well that's it for our Christmas festivities.
I will be off for a few weeks so see you in the New Year.

Thanks so very much for all your support and most appreciated comments.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

The Big Day is Almost Here!

We have been feverishly working away creating.
The kids are creating lots of special gift for their Moms and Dads.  Can't show those yet as I want them to be surprised.  
We always create some everyday take home goodies so here's what we did this week.

The Stockings Were Hung
We created some simple paper stockings to hang.

Christmas Trees
Here are some cute little trees we made.
I cut a triangle from heavy cardboard and we glued paint chip strips onto the triangle, then decorated them with buttons. 
I added a clothespin to the bottom for little hands to hold. 

Santa's Elves
Simple elves created using a green paper cup.
pintables can be found here:

Snowman Suncatcher
Here is a cute little snow I printed and cut away the center area to make a suncatcher.
I added some clear contact paper to the back, the kids added the tissue paper to the center, then I added another piece of the clear contact on top to seal it all in.

These cute 3-D printables made us laugh.
here is the link:

Yarn Wreath
I cut out a small wreath shape and the kids wrapped green yarn around it.
When done, we glued some colourful pom-poms onto it.

Cutting Santa Practice 

Special Snacks

Rudolph snacks.
We used a graham cracker spread with peanut butter. 
Pretzel antlers, candy eyes and a big red M & M's for the nose.

Cookie Snowmen
I found this cute decorating set so we used 2 Oreo cookies to create our little snowmen.

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Santa's Little Workshop

Hello and Welcome.
Well the excitement of Christmas has definitely arrived at my house!
There was so much making going on this past week.  So fun for my little ones to want to create.
There are lots of things we did this week that I just can't show would spoil the surprise for their Moms and Dads!!

Anyways, here's some of what we did that they took home to decorate with.

Cone Santa
These Santas are very easy and fun to create.  
find directions here:

Paper Stars
We have never made these before but they turned out great.
They sure make a statement hanging for Christmas.
find directions here:

Straw Christmas Trees
I bought some Christmas paper straws and we used them to make our little Christmas tree ornaments.
Glue the straws onto a popsicle stick, then when dry, cut into a tree shape.

Paper Bell
This simple bell was made with paper then I added a real metal bell to the inside.
directions here:

These cute little reindeer were made with a paper tube.  I glued it closed at the top and the kids decorated cute.  They proceeded to make a puppet show using them.

Fun little 3-D Santa
printable found here:

3-D Angel
This was a sweet print out I found here:

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Countdown to Christmas

Hello and Welcome
We have started to work on our Countdown to Christmas.
Lot of fun creating and soon making gifts for all the Moms and Dads.
My kids love making surprises for their parents, so we will be having lots of fun coming up!

So here's what we did this week.

Santa Countdown Clock
I printed off a clock face then found this Santa holding the sign and glued them together onto some 
cardboard to help sturdy it up.  
Now each day, the kids can turn the hand of the clock for the countdown.

Santa Shakers  
I used some heavy white cardstock to create our little Santa shakers. 
 I cut a rectangle shape with the white paper, rolled and glued into a tube shape. Next, we decorated them using some pieces of felt.  I then pinched the top together and glued with a glue gun.  We filled the shakers with rice then I glued the bottom shut.  Finally, we added a large wood stick to the bottom for the handle.

Christmas Wreath
We created this simple wreath by gluing green paper strips onto a cardboard circle.
I cut some felt circles to add as the berries and then we glued on a bow.

Craft Stick Star
I simply hot glued some craft sticks together to create a star shape.
The kids coloured them and then we added some glitter glue.

Paper Chain
Simple paper chain made with strips of paper that were decorated with some coloured tape.

Little Christmas Trees
Simple accordion folded trees then glued into a paper tube base.
We decorated them with little piece of felt.

Little Village
These were a big hit! 
We coloured the little houses and trees and glued them onto an old CD as the base.  
We added some fluffy snow and then added a tea light through the hole in the middle of the CD.
So cute.

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.


Sunday, November 29, 2020


 Hello and Welcome.
Gingerbread...what a fun theme to work on as the kids get more excited for Christmas.

So here's what we created this week.

Gingerbread Houses
I found this adorable idea on Pinterest and just had to make it with the kids.  
It is so super simple but turned out great. 
here is the link:

Baking Gingerbread
I printed off some paper gingerbread men, the kids coloured them and we glued them onto a piece of cardboard covered with Aluminum Foil.
They played with them for hours!

Gingerbread Garland
A simple garland made with some colouring gingerbread men.

Gingerbread Men
I bought these simple little men at the Dollar Store.  
We decorated them with some fun sequins.

Colouring of course.

Finally, we made a fun little snack.
It was a simple one and they loved it.
I took a graham wafer cracker and cut the top to look like the roof.
We added some candies, marshmallows and a few raisins to decorate.
You should have seen their faces when they were done and I said...
'Ok, now go ahead and eat them!'

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.