Sunday, January 26, 2020

Polar/ Arctic Animals

Well another busy and creative week as we learned about Polar/Arctic animals.
My kiddos were anxious to create and learn about them.  We talked about how they could be camouflaged against the snow if they were white and what they liked to eat.  
So here's what we did.

These fun Polar bears were simply made with some construction paper.  
The heads were folded as to give a 3-D cute and great fine motor as they had to glue on the small snowflakes.

These funny caribou puppets were fun to kids love to colour.

Paper plate polar bear.  
My kids wanted to make another polar bear so where is what we did.  
Cut the paper plates to use for the bear shape then glued on lots of fluffy cotton.  

Arctic Fox
Such a fun and easy fox to create using paper plates.  The head was made with a half plate that I rolled and stapled together.  The nose is a pom-pom.

This is a wheel we created showing all the Polar Animals.
I didn't get a picture of it all assembled but when we put them together, it shows the animal at the top and the name in the open space below.  More fun and learning as my littles ones are starting to read and recognize letters.

Letter Tubes
Last week we did Number Tubes.
This week it was time to do some letter ones.  They really worked hard to find all the letters stickers and place them on the tube.  We made it into a game too, think of a word that starts with that letter then stick it on.

So that's it for this week.
We are moving on to 'Penguins' next week.  
Thanks a lot for stopping in.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Let it Snow

This week we celebrated the snow with our snowman theme.  
The kids really loved it too, although we haven't had much this year so far.

So, here is what we did this week.

 Cone Snowman
I created a cone shape with some white paper and we decorated using construction paper.

 Look Ma, I'm a Snowman!!
This was a favourite this week.  I printed off the kids pictures and we made them into snowmen.  I used an old CD as the base and we glued on the details, so fun.

 These cute little guys were found here, very easy to create.

 Melted Snowmen
We love reading the story called Sadie's Snowman.  Sadie makes a snowman, he melts but she is able to keep making him again.  
We used a paper tube for the head, added construction paper details.

 Cup Igloo
I had a few Styrofoam cups around so I hot glued it to an old CD and we covered it with cotton balls to create our igloos.  

We also worked on numbers this week.  This is a great activity for little hands.  I covered a paper towel roll and the kids use the peel and stick numbers for a matching activity.  

Well that's all for this week.
Thanks so much for the visit.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!
Christmas is gone, my kiddos are back in care and it was time to celebrate the New Year.

We had a very fun week and I think it's good for them to understand (as much as that is possible) that's it's fun to celebrate and welcome in the New Year.

So here's what we did....

We created a hat and decorated it with lots of coloured tape that I get from the Dollar Store.  I cut pieces and stick them to a cookie sheet so the kids can easily lift them off and stick them onto their projects.
The hat is easily created by cutting out 2 large circles and stapling them together.

Happy New Year stars.
The kids put shiny stars and glitter between 2 pieces of sticky contact paper and we glued them behind a star shape and added a stick.

Our 2020 Banner was created using paper plates and some contact paper.

Here is the wreath we made using a paper plate and stars.

We finished off the week with this cute snowy house picture.
This cute little printable house can be found here:

Thanks so much for coming and taking a look.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Outer Space

Hello and Welcome
I am still off on holidays until Monday, but I wanted to pop in and post this fun theme we worked on this past summer.  
Here are some of the things we created:

What kid doesn't love to dream about going into space?
The space theme we worked on this summer was a very popular one for sure.

One of the things he kids love creating was this fun little alien in his space ship.
We took 2 paper plates and I got the kids to colour them on both sides.
Using a clear plastic cup, I measured and cut a hole in just the top plate so the cup was able to slide through the hole.
After the kids were done colouring, we glued on some fun foam stars (from the Dollar Store) then I glued the little green alien to just the bottom plate by creasing a fold in him.  I slid the plastic cup through the hole in the top plate and then over the alien, then stapled the 2 plates together.
The kids flew their alien ships everywhere.

This was the jet pack we made using recycled water bottles, decorated with some coloured tapes from the Dollar Store and some tissue paper.  They flew around all day and loved it!

Here is a simple rocket ship we made using some shiny gold paper and a tube to hold onto so they could fly through the galaxy.

A space mobile to hang in their rooms was fun.

 Astronaut puppets.  
I found this free print off online then we glued them onto a paper bag to create our puppets.

Lastly, we created this scene depicting day and night.
I used 2 paper plates.  The one on the back has a piece of blue paper glued on half and black on the other half.  The plate on the top is cut in half and fastened to the bottom one so when the kids turned it, they would see day turn into night.

Thanks so very much for coming by and taking a look.
I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas holiday.