Monday, June 26, 2023

Happy Father's Day Dad!

I took an unplanned blog break...sometimes life gets in the way with being so busy.
Springtime mean outside and being in the garden which takes a lot of my time.
Trying to get back to it and will do my best considering summer is my busiest time of year with a full house of kiddos out from school.

Anyways, we celebrated the Dads with lots of creating and here is what we did.

Dad Badge
We used a paper plate to create our 'DAD' badges.

Pizza for Dad

I traced the child's foot and we glued it over the Dad foot.

Let's Hang Out
I traced the child's hand and we turned it into a sloth.  I created the saying to go with it on my computer.

Trophy for Best Dad
We made these fun trophies by gluing a paper cup onto a paper ice cream dish.
We coloured and decorated them.

Desktop Easels
I used craft sticks to create these fun little easels and then we put a stack of post-it notes on the easel for Dad's desk.  The kids had fun colouring them.

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.