Friday, May 17, 2024

Love You MOM!

Last week we kept busy creating some fun things for all the MOMS!
The kids just love surprising their parents with their creativeness.

So, here's what we did last week.

Flower Wall Hanging
I glued craft sticks together and the kids decorated them with some fun foam flowers.

Paper Fans
This folding fan was simple to make.

Handprint Flowers

My Mom
Just a fun one...always interesting to hear the kids answers to these.

Mother's Day Cards

Craft Stick Vase

Plastic Spoon Flowers
I used some white plastic spoons to make flowers for the kids to put in their vases.

...and finally a Bag to wrap it all up into

Thanks for coming by and taking a look.

Friday, May 3, 2024

The Joys of Spring

They say that time flies when you are having fun.  
That seems to be my life!

We have totally been enjoying Spring and celebrating all that it has to bring.
We love going for walks and seeing all the birds and Spring flowers.
Creating and learning with those themes is always on the agenda.

So, here's what we did the last few weeks.

Paper Hyacinths 


Flower Wreaths

Seed Cycle


Happy Earth Day!

Baby Birds in the Nest

Paper Plate Bird

Duck Mobile

Birds in the Bird House

Hatching Chicks

Little Bird

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.