Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Fall Leaves

Hello and Welcome to our little creative corner of the world.
It is Autumn here, we are so enjoying the changing leaves and watching nature.
On our walks, we are loving searching for pumpkins and scarecrows along the way.
My little ones find such joy in collecting leaves too and putting them into their little buckets they carry to collect them in.  

Anyways, this is what we did last week.

Simple suncatcher made by cutting up a paper plate and having the kids add tissue paper onto some sticky contact paper.  Easy for my little ones to do.

Fall Banners
We welcomed the First day of Fall by making banners.  

Fall Wreath
Who doesn't need a new Fall wreath for their door.  
Paper plate base with leaves glued onto it.

Leaf Match Game
I printed off the leaves with their shadows to make a matching game.
We glued an envelope onto the back to hold all the match pieces of our game.

Tree Gluing
Simple gluing that helps fine motor.

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Yummy Apples

 Hello and Welcome

We had a fun week exploring apples.
My new kiddos are very young, so we just worked on the different colours of apples.

So here's what we did last week.

Worm in the Apple
I cut out an apple shape, glued it onto a piece of cardboard for stability and then the kids added lots of apple seeds.
When we were finished gluing, I drew a face on one of their fingers and then we pretended that the worm was coming out of the apple.  So fun.

Way up High in the Apple Tree
I traced the kid's arms to create the tree trunk.  They glued little apples onto the tree and we learned the song.
Way up high in the apple tree,
2 little apples, looked at me.
I shook the tree as hard as I could,
Down fell the apples...mmmm they tasted good.

Apple Pie, Yes Please
We used some brown paper squares for the crust of our pie, then added red apples to the center.
After that we added paper strips for the top crust and a white pom pom for the whipped cream.
Now I'm craving apple favourite!

Apple Picking Basket
Here is a basket we coloured and then added different coloured apples.

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

New Beginnings

 Hello and Welcome

Lots of changes happening at my house as the new school year begins.
Two of my littles are gone off to school and we have welcomed 2 new kiddos into our little daycare family.  It's been a busy, exciting time for all.
A much younger group so not as much crafting as we were usually doing.
The focus these days is on developing good skills with holding a pencil or crayons and on their fine motor.
It's also about learning to colour on the paper and not on the table, colour recognition and finding joy in creating.

So here is the few things we managed to do last was also a short week as we celebrated Labour Day.

Wheels on the Bus
We have been singing the wheels on the bus as we watch all the buses going up to the school.
I've had this printout for years so I don't have a link.
I cut it out, glued it onto a piece of cardboard for stability, then added a stick.

School Bus
I printed off the bus, then the kids coloured it.  The little people were coloured then cut out and then we played a counting game putting the kids on the bus.  The bottom of the paper has a pocket to store the little children in.
Good chance to count and learn how many.

Dot a Dot
These dot a dot printable sheets are just perfect for little hands to learn how to glue.
Excellent fine motor activity with colour reinforcement.

Well that's all for now.  
Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Crafting Fun

Another week of fun creating.  
I love to see the excitement creating gives to my kiddos.

So here's what we did last week.

Spinning Top
We decorated a paper plate using lots of bright, happy colours.
After decorating, I glued a long skewer into the center, leaving a bit sticking out at the bottom.  

Ring Toss
We used paper plates to create our fun ring toss game.
I let the kids decorate them with coloured tapes I get at the Dollar Store.  I cut them and place them on a cookie sheet so the kids have to pull them off to use them.  Great fine motor skills too!

Ball in the Hole Game
I cut a hole into the paper plate before the kids decorated them.  I added some cardboard handles to each side then the kids used a small ball to try and roll into the hole.  
Tricky at first for the kids, then they caught onto it.

I printed off some images, the kids coloured them and we glued them onto a piece of cardboard for stability.  When they were dry, I cut them into pieces to make a puzzle.  So fun and can be done with any image.

Thanks so very much for taking the time to come and see what we have been up to.