Thursday, March 26, 2020

St. Patrick's Day and Welcome Spring

I am late at writing up this post.  This week feels so strange without my little ones here.  I am out of routine and miss their happy smiles and laughter.
This pandemic has reached far and wide.  I am grateful to my families for wanting to be safe.  We are all isolating for 2 weeks at least.  Let's hope this thing is over soon as so many of us do not like what they are calling the 'new normal'.

Anyways, last week was fun as we celebrated St. Patrick's Day and the coming of Spring.  The weather is finally getting a bit nicer which is a welcome relief from a long winter.
So here's what we did.

We made a lovely shamrock wreath to hang on the door.  Lots of good fine motor skills used here gluing on those little shamrocks.

Cute little leprechaun finger puppets.  

Irish hats.  
We used a cup and glued it to a cardboard base.  The kids decorated it and they could use them to put a snack in.

Rainbow Mobile. 
 Now who wouldn't love to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

St. Patty's Day banner.  Simple but fun to hang.

I found these little pots at the Dollar Store.
I hid some silver coins I made and the kids had a blast finding them.  They played it over and over again.

 The first day of Spring.
We made this lovely banner and it gave us a chance to talk about words that started with 'S'.
They did amazing.

We did a great activity sheet matching clothes to the weather.

 Some stringing practice to make a necklace.

Finally this drawing one of my little ones made of her family.  
It is such a wonderful example of how the evolution of drawing and perceptions evolve.
A few months ago, this would have been just a page of scribbles.  As the fine motor develops, the drawings have so much detail and interest.  
So exciting for me to watch.

Well that's it for awhile.
I hope you are staying happy and safe as we pass the time in our homes.
Thanks so much for stopping by.

Monday, March 16, 2020


Music is such a universal connection we all share.
My little ones really enjoy listening to and singing along with music.  I decided we should keep busy creating some instruments and learning how to keep a beat.  
So here's what we did.

Paper plate guitars
I hot glued a 2 paper plates together and then glued on a paint stir stick.  
We added some long elastics and strummed away.

This was such a great fine motor activity.  The kids put lots of small pieces into a clean water bottle.  
When it was full, I hot glued on the lid (to prevent opening in case of choking hazard).  We decorated a tube and glued it onto the bottle as a handle.  They loved it.

We created these by stringing some bells and caps onto a pipe cleaner.  I then taped them to a small wooden dowel (Dollar Store).

I hot glued 2 metal lids onto a piece of folded heavy cardstock.
The kids decorated them and we added a little finger handle on the back.

And what would music week be without a microphone.  
What fun they had singing and dancing using their microphones.

Always lots of colouring and cutting too!

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Games and Toys

Winter is still upon us.  We did manage to get out to the park a couple mornings this past week, but then we were inside due to the heavy snowfall and icy conditions.
Well that meant lots of crafting and fun.

So here's what we did for our games and toys week.

I didn't know how my little ones would do with this but they really surprised me.
This is an excellent hand/eye coordination toy we made.  Starting at the handle, they had to keep the plate flat and roll the ball into the hole.
I glued 2 paper plates together to add stability with hot glue.  They mastered it so quickly.

Pizza number match game.
We have been really working on number recognition.  This was a fun one.

Spinners made from a CD.  I drew a pattern for the front and back and the kids coloured them.
You hold the string on each side, spin the CD then pull the strings tight.  The disc spins.

Ring toss made with a large paper plate and 2 small ones for the rings.
Simple fun.

Another fun eye/hand coordination game.  

Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Books and Cartoon Characters cont. (week 2)

Hello and Welcome!
Last week was such a big hit with my little ones.  We did book and cartoon characters as our theme.  They asked to do more, so I planned this week to do more!
I love seeing the excitement in their eyes.  
So here's what we did this week.

The kids wanted to make a placemat for home, so I printed off some pictures and we coloured and glued it all together....I added their names (covered) and then laminated them.  
The kids loved them.

My little ones love Dora the Explorer, so we made a match game to play.

Another huge favourite show is Paw Patrol so we made a door hanger with their names on it.

Princess Theme
Thursday and Friday was a Princess theme. 
Since I have 4 little girls right now, they SO wanted to make princess puppets and a castle so that's what we did.

I printed off a Prince and Princess and we made them into puppets.

I printed this off and we coloured it first, then glued it inside of our decorated castles.  The piece for the back was cut larger then the front, so it could bend and make room for them to play inside with the puppets. 

We coloured the jewels above, I cut them out and then the girls glued them onto the matching spot.  It was a great lesson on learning shapes too!

Friday was Princess Day
We all got dressed up as princesses and had such a great time.
These are the crowns we made, they pretty much wore them all day too!

We played Princess Bingo

 ....and what's a Princess day without some decorated bracelets to wear, a glow in the dark wand, a unicorn and some Princess tattoos.  Such fun we had.

This is the princess food we ate:
 a cheese crown

Princess Popcorn...I tinted the butter with food colouring

and pink yogurt dipped breadstick that I froze a bit.

Well that's all for now.
Thanks so much for coming by and taking a look.